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7-30-03 Kickstand Emerges From The Flames...sorta
Kickstand is now officially on the list of survivors - was there any doubt? In addition, therealmatt re-joins the crew as a news poster/content maker as other duties have forced him to discontinue Polecat's Lounge. He may revive the site at another time, which would be great, but for now he has offered up Polecat's Lounge as "food" for Kickstand, thus adding more content to the already growing menu.
As you can see, the tradition of a total rework has not ended at Kickstand. The new design incorporates Full Throttle: Hell On Wheels content, as well as new stuff - the links will appear as the content is completed. The menus have been re-worked to allow for easier navigation. Stuff like the Fan Fiction is now linked only by story title and no sub-menu for chapters appear in weird places. Instead, it is a nice drop-down at the top of each page, complete with a "go" button.
And don't worry - the news looks like this only for a short time. Courthold is helping out a BUNCH by designing and helping integrate a news system complete with commenting. Thanks, Court!
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